Writing flash fiction

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Writing flash fiction

A lifelong book lover, C. Chancellor has been writing original fiction since high school. Fiction you can read in a flash Flash fiction is a relatively recent form of creative writing, and it's perfect for our low attention span society.

It can be written and read in minutes or seconds -- though ideally it relates a story that's more than the sum of its Writing flash fiction selected words.

Flash fiction often draws on familiar references and cultural memory to bring more information to the story than what's actually stated. This form of storytelling is intense, with lots of meaning packed into a handful of characters. I enjoy the brevity of this creative writing style: I can be intimidated by huge projects, so a prose form where a complete work can be written in one or two sittings or even a few minutes is perfect for me.

And I value the way it can be combined with new communication tools like Twitter to inject stories into our everyday lives. Writing on paper Source What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is a storytelling form defined primarily by length -- although even there, you'll find no real consensus.

The broadest rule seems to be stories that are under 1, words, although many publishers set their requirements much lower. Five hundred words or less is quite common, with some venues setting their limits around words.

While extremely brief stories have been around for centuries, it's only since the early s that this technique began to be formally recognized as a unique writing form. Hemingway is often credited with helping to define and develop this style of storytelling.

Writing flash fiction

Ideally, flash fiction should convey a story: However, because these pieces are so short, many elements of the narrative may be revealed through implication or suggestion. Other names for this writing form: My love of sci-fi at least in written form has waned over the years, but I still enjoy fantasy and its offshoots, urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

When I started writing fantasy, I was instantly frustrated, because the stories I wanted to tell seemed to dwarf my ability to tell them. When I tried to write short stories, I almost always felt like I needed a larger format to do them justice. But writing a novel scared me; it was too big, bigger than I thought I could manage.

Oddly, though, I found that I could tell a fantasy story with flash fiction.In brief, flash fiction is a short form of storytelling. Defining it by the number of words or sentences or even pages required to tell a story, however, is impossible, for it differs from writer to writer, editor to editor.

Writing flash fiction

Oct 28,  · Writing flash fiction is an interesting alternative to writing lenghty stories. I never knew of this concept and I didn't even know it had a name, flash fiction.

I can see the advantage, because many times I have ideas of a story to write about that I never start writing because of all the work involved and lack of initiativeblog.coms: How to write good flash fiction.

Micro-stories can provide the opportunity to experiment in a low stakes environment — challenging you to spotlight a slight story while hinting at a larger one and squeeze more out of every word and detail. Why write flash fiction and not the traditional short story? The short story itself is a compressed form, so why seek even greater compression?

For some it may be in the demands of such extreme brevity, the challenge of handling a whole piece of writing in such a short space. Tips & Tricks for writing Flash Fiction plus writing exercises to help you learn how to write flash fiction and short stories like a pro Become a Patron!

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Writing Flash Fiction Gems – Small, Precious, and Slower Than You’d Think – Story A Day

A flash fiction piece is a self-contained story (beginning/middle/end), 1, words or less, that can entertain, intrigue, and satisfy a reader during an F5 tornado. That’s it. No genre restrictions, age requirements, or prior experience needed.

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