Writing a song melody finder

Work on the melody and chords using the verse and chorus lyric you have, gradually smoothing and changing until you have something you like. Then write the rest of the lyric to the final melody.

Writing a song melody finder

Film Songs Based on Classical Ragas 10 — Bihag and its family January 19, Guest article by Subodh Agrawal Subodh makes an appearance as a guest author after about two years, of which I am responsible for a few months in scheduling his article.

He makes up for it by presenting a selection of film songs and classical pieces which best represent Bihag and its variants. As he explains, Bihag is the raga of love in its myriad forms: Happy, sad, expectant, despondent etc. His writing is as usual sure, fluent and crisp, and demystifies the raga for the lay listeners.

Thank you, Subodh for another excellent article in your series, hoping, as you are assuring us, that we would now be getting offerings from you regularly.

The last article in this series appeared about two years back. Readers of SoY and AK have often egged me to get back into action, but I have not been able to respond.

Most of last year was lost to my habitual laziness. I thought of starting again with the New Year but then a series of problems with my internet connection alternating with problems with my own health took care of most of this year.

Fortunately, I have recovered fully now and the internet also seems to be in a good mood for the past couple of weeks, so here is my much belated post in this series.

Love has many moods. Bihag is the one raga that captures this mood the best. The shehnai is played by none other than the great Ustad Bismillah Khan. The mood is established the moment Lata begins her initial alaap. The lyrics and tune stayed with me. Once the Internet started I searched for this song — without success.

The first draft of this article sent to AK had a tailpiece with my own rendering of the song with an appeal to SoY readers for help in identifying the original. I visited my YouTube page to see if anyone had commented on the video, when the related videos led me to this one!

Jyoti was married to GM Durrani. We have seen a lot of Nuashad on SoY recently; this is another gem from him. The mood is a little somber, yet the raga fits in beautifully.

This is the pakad or signature phrase of Bihag. Kaise sukh soyein by Ronkini Gupta from Aankhon Dekhimusic Sagar Desai I am including a recent song because it is a regular classical number from a film that excelled in classical based songs.

The film itself was something special, though it may not work for everybody.

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Maru Bihag was, at one stage in the seventies, a very popular concert raga — particularly among lady singers. He, however, does a creditable job in this song set in Maru Bihag.

writing a song melody finder

I remember seeing the film as a student. Waheeda Rehman has been brought up by four uncles, each one of whom has a passion: Religion, theatre, physical fitness, and Rock Music.

Sunil Dutt as the suitor has to satisfy each one of them. This is what he does for the theatre chacha. Kishore handles the movement of Maru Bihag very well.

Jhan jhan jhan jhan payal baaje by Lata Mangeshkar from Buzdillyrics Shailendra, music by S D Burman This song is in Nat Bihag, another variant of Bihag that was made popular by a bandish with the same mukhda as the film song.

The later parts of the song bring in other ragas. This song is set to raga Nand, also known as Anandi and Nand Kalyan. To my knowledge, this is the only song in this raga.

Madan Mohan has so thoroughly exhausted the range of this raga that he left no room for anyone else to try anything. Purists may scoff at the inclusion of Nand in this list, saying that it is not related to Bihag but to Kalyan.

However, to my ears it sounds closer to Bihag.BACK in the early eighties, when I first envisioned writing a book about codependency - when I was desperately struggling to sort through my own pain - I vowed that if I ever figured out what happened to me and what I needed to do to get better, I'd write a book about it.

A good songwriting book can give you knowledge, ideas, and inspiration! It will repay your investment over and over. The most effective songs express your emotions and message in a way listeners can understand and feel. Song craft can help you do that! These books will show you the song craft that helps you add memorability and impact for your listeners.

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Recent Examples on the Web. The commercials ran for years and made the tune, as sung by Mrs. VerPlanck, an American earworm.

— Emily Langer, Washington Post, "Marlene VerPlanck, commercial ‘jingle queen’ and singer of Great American Songbook, dies at 84," 19 Jan.

Her latest songwriting collaborators — including Max Martin and Shellback — have proven track records for commercial. Can't Find the Lullaby? Maybe we can help! If you remember a few words, post them here and our musical genius visitors may know the rest of the song or where to find more information about it.

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