Write a paragraph on pollution

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Write a paragraph on pollution

Environmental Pollution Write A Paragraph: Environmental Pollution Environmental Pollution paragraph. Write A paragraph about Environmental Pollution. Paragraph for class six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Visit our site to get a paragraph, application, dialogue, and easy for all classes.

write a paragraph on pollution

Environmental Pollution Paragraph The environment is usually meant as a suitable area for human habitation. The environment is created with light, air, soil, water, mountains, mountains, rivers, canal-bills, forests, animals, and birds. One day in the favorable environment of nature, life began on this day.

On that day the immense oxygen of the atmosphere, the purity of food and drinking water made life possible. Then the smart people ruin themselves unknowingly by polluting the earth. That pollution is referred to as environmental pollution. Millions of years ago the creatures were created on earth.

But then there was a balance between nature and environment and it protected the creatures from any calamity. Over the centuries, the victory of science has made the environment of the world poisonous. After the discovery of the fire, the oxygen needed to burn.

The atmosphere also decreased oxygen levels.

Short Paragraph on Pollution ( Words)

Then came steam power, electricity, and nuclear energy. Coal of forest mining and uranium were burnt down and the atmosphere continued to be overly contaminated.

But no arrangement was made to clean the atmosphere. Due to this unimpressive environmental pollution of humans, today the world is endangered by the epidemic of decay and depletion.

Population growth is one of the major reasons for environmental pollution. As a result of this; water, soil, air, and natural resources face the tremendous pressure of demand.

To fill up the demand, forest resources destruction started which is a suicidal game. As a result of soil, water, and air pollution; foods are being severely contaminated. Environment pollution can be divided into two parts. Some of them are made from body excretion and after body decay.

Due to the increase in population and number of domestic animals, the environment is polluted severely. The smoke generated by the fuel burning pollutes the environment. Pesticides, gourds, medicines, cosmetics, and plastic materials are widely used.For instance, the pollution essay may concentrate on the various types of pollution, like sound pollution (noise pollution), water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution etc.

Each paragraph of the essay will describe the separate type of the environmental pollution. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 18, By Team Work Introduction The term ‘pollution’ has gained a wider significance in recent years. Pollution refers to the release of chemical or substances into the environment that is injurious for human, animal and plant life.

The water, air, noise and other forms of pollution in one terminology is known as the pollution of the eco-system. The word ‘pollution’ means to make dirty or impure which is harmful. Thus, environmental pollution means the pollution of our environment that happens every day.

The environmental pollution essays may take the form of description of different types of pollution such as ground, water, air and soil among others. Therefore, the body describes the various types of environmental contamination in each paragraph. Pollution as is described is the addition of substances to the environment faster that the environment can dispose, recycle, decompose, or store in a harmless state.

There are different types of pollution and includes water, soil, air, and sound pollution and all these continue to cause major problems.

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