Write a balanced equation for iron metal and chlorine gas color

Write a chemical equation for the reaction of solid iron with solid sulfur to form solid iron II sulfide. Write a chemical equation for the reaction of solid carbon with solid magnesium oxide to form carbon monoxide gas and magnesium metal. An equation describing this process is shown below. This equation is not balanced, and is therefore not a valid chemical equation.

Write a balanced equation for iron metal and chlorine gas color

See Article History Hydrogen chloride, HCla compound of the elements hydrogen and chlorinea gas at room temperature and pressure. A solution of the gas in water is called hydrochloric acid.

Hydrogen chloride is commonly prepared both on a laboratory and on an industrial scale by the reaction of a chloride, generally that of sodium NaClwith sulfuric acid H2SO4.

It is also produced by the reaction of some chlorides e. Hydrochloric acid is prepared by dissolving gaseous hydrogen chloride in water. Because of the corrosive nature of the acid, ceramic, glass, or sometimes tantalum apparatus is commonly used.

Hydrochloric acid is usually marketed as a solution containing 28—35 percent by weight hydrogen chloride, commonly known as concentrated hydrochloric acid.

Anhydrous liquid hydrogen chloride is available, but because heavy and expensive containers are required to store it, the use of hydrogen chloride in this form is limited. The gas is very soluble in water: Because of its great solubilitythe gas fumes in moist air. A water solution containing Thus, hydrochloric acid is a strong acid.

Gaseous hydrogen chloride reacts with active metals and their oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates to produce chlorides.

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These reactions occur readily only in the presence of moisture. Completely dry hydrogen chloride is very unreactive. The reactions of hydrochloric acid are those of typical strong acids, such as: Hydrochloric acid also enters into chemical reactions characteristic of the chloride ion, such as reactions with various inorganic and organic compounds in which hydrochloric acid is used as a chlorinating agent and reactions with metals and their oxides in which complex chloride-containing ions are formed e.

The latter type of reaction accounts for the ease of solution of certain metals and metallic compounds in hydrochloric acid although they are slowly dissolved in other acids of equal strength e.

For this reason hydrochloric acid is used extensively in the industrial processing of metals and in the concentration of some ores.

Magnesium reacts with iron(II) chloride according to the equation Mg(s)

Hydrochloric acid is present in the digestive juices of the human stomach. Excessive secretion of the acid causes gastric ulcers; a marked deficiency of it impairs the digestive process and is sometimes the primary cause of deficiency anemias. Concentrated hydrochloric acid causes burns and inflammation of the skin.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Introductory Chemistry Online/Chemical Reactions. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world oxide reacts with HCl to give lead (II) chloride, chlorine gas and water.

write a balanced equation for iron metal and chlorine gas color

Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction. Exercise Balancing Chemical iron metal will react with an aqueous solution of copper sulfate to give copper. Hydrogen chloride may be formed by the direct combination of chlorine (Cl 2) gas and hydrogen (H 2) gas; the reaction is rapid at temperatures above ° C (° F).

The reaction, represented by the equation H 2 + Cl 2 → 2HCl, is accompanied by evolution of . Word Equations and Balancing. When chlorine gas reacts with methane, carbon tetrachloride and hydrogen chloride are produced.

Hint. An equation is said to be balanced if it follows the Law of Conservation of Mass. True. False. When balancing a chemical equation, one is .

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of potassium permanganate, iron sulfate, and sulfuric acid? [duplicate] I found out that manganese is reduced as the oxidation number goes from $+7$ to $+2$ and iron gets oxidized as the oxidation number goes from $+2$ to $+3$.

I wrote the two half reactions, \eqref{Q:red} for the reduction and. Write the balanced chem equation: Copper (II) oxide, heated in the presence of methane gas (CH₄), produces pure copper metal and the gasses carbon dioxide and water. Dec 07,  · The balanced equation is 2Fe (lll) + 3Cl2 = 2FeCl3.

Iron weighs fifty 5 grams. Given grams divide by making use of fifty 5 grams to Status: Resolved.

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