What makes michael dell so successful essay

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What makes michael dell so successful essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, he started his own computer company out of his dorm room.

Getting a taste of success, he then dropped out of college at the age of 19 to pursue his business full time. All this is thanks to the company he founded and named after himself, Dell Inc.

What makes michael dell so successful essay

Dell is in the business of building and selling computers in various shapes and forms. Dell is also one of the technology companies that survived and was actually in good shape at the end of the dot-com crash. From toDell has been the largest retailer of personal computers in the United States.

It lost this title to longtime rival Hewlett-Packard in The loss of leadership is not the only sign of trouble for the company. The company is also under investigation by the SEC for possible accounting inconsistencies.

All this precipitated the return of Michael Dell as CEO of the billion dollar company he started in his dorm room. He also needs to bring in and execute new and fresher ideas to reinvigorate his company.

One of the main problems of Dell is that it has grown too large and was therefore too slow to react to the marketplace. The internet had been abuzz with the dissatisfaction of customers with Dell Customer Service since Also, it has become harder for Dell to maintain large margins on PCs as computers slowly turn into commodity products in the market place.

There is also the slowdown of sales in the business PC market as companies wait to see how Microsoft Windows Vista will turn out. Probably one of the biggest blunders for Dell was to stick to Intel processors when demand for AMD processors was at its peak.

Michael Dell seems intent on expanding the company beyond its traditional business model. The company is now intent on being more than just sellers of boring gray boxes — the epitome of the commodity computer. Dell also unsuccessfully forayed into consumer electronics, coming out with flat panel TVs and mp3 players.

Finally, the company announced a move to revive Dell Laptop sales with a new line offering laptops in eight different colors.

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Michael Dell is also intent on capturing the next big opportunity, the next 1 billion people to be connected to digital technology. Dell is eyeing the emerging markets of India, China and Brazil as new markets to introduce Dell branded laptops and desktops, introducing newer models designed with these rising economies in mind.

As a leader, Michael Dell is reportedly introverted and shy leading his subordinates to view him as aloof and hard to connect to.

Still, the CEO of Dell is hoping to infuse his board with a new energy and enthusiasm with his new ideas. The board meets every week and attendance is mandatory even if the CEO is in the middle of a sales trip to Asia.

Oftentimes, he pairs his executives for major projects so that the personalities are minimized and that the twosome succeeds and fails as a pair. Dell is also a person that is known to not get overly hung up on success. Dell himself has said: For the most of its rise, Dell has been built around direct selling computers to its customers.

However, this may have to change as computers are now becoming more and more of a commodity product. Right now, Dell is focused on breaking from the dull beige box that Dell computers have become.

Apart from the acquisition of Alienware and expansion of its laptop and consumer electronic lines, Dell is now trying very hard to become a more personalized company.

Dell is already exploring the idea of having their computers shipped with software other than Windows Vista, possibly having Linux as an alternative operating system for Dell Computers. Also, the company has launched IdeaStorm, a way for customers to send new ideas and have the user base vote on these ideas.

All this is a way to make Dell appeal to the customers as more than a company that supplies computers.


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What makes michael dell so successful essay

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