The work of commercial illustrators should be equally praised as their design manifestos

Very few artists like talking about their work. However, learning how to explain your creative motives can be a useful skill when promoting yourself and working out why you make art in the first place. Written by Italian poet, Filippo Tommaso MarinettiThe Futurist manifesto was to provide the blueprint for many subsequent art movements, including the Dadaists, Surrealists and Situationists. As part of its vision for a better future, the manifesto advocated the modernization and complete cultural rejuvenation of Italy.

The work of commercial illustrators should be equally praised as their design manifestos

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The work of commercial illustrators should be equally praised as their design manifestos

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Instead, it should encourage the viewer to take a second look, deepening what he or she has already seen.

It should match (or at least complement) the work in tone, so that the two work as elements of a larger whole. Most important, it should be honest. No posturing, no after-the-fact theorizing, no mystification. The Work of Commercial Illustrators Should Be Equally Praised as Their Design manifestos ( words, 3 pages) Quiz 2Many artists who were considered avant-garde in the early twentieth century also worked as commercial illustrators.

The arts world draws them up by the dozen. The National Campaign for the Arts' Arts Manifesto, the Manifesto for Children's Arts, the Northern Ireland Manifesto for Children's Arts, the Manifesto for Participation in the Arts and Crafts There are so many of them, organisations are struggling to find a new name for each.

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