The idea of point of view in the film the witness

Like Citizen Kane before it, the film revealed what was possible within the medium. Starring Toshiro Mifune who turned down the roles of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader in the original Star Wars and Takashi Shimura, among others, Rashomon tells the story of a rape and murder over and over again from the perspective of several witnesses.

The idea of point of view in the film the witness

The plot revolved around an assassination attempt on the U. President, and in order to catch the would-be assassin government agents had to piece together clues from witnesses.

Each witness had a different point of view of the assassination attempt from their place in the crowd.

The idea of point of view in the film the witness

Each one saw and experienced the moment differently. From a police officer to a news reporter to an ordinary bystander, each had a different story to tell of the same event. But just who is telling the story? In fiction, different points of view use varying techniques to give the reader a different experience.

In this point of view, the main character is the one telling the story.

The idea of point of view in the film the witness

We see the world through their eyes and hear their thoughts. Salinger, and The Great Gatsby by F. This places the reader directly into the story as though they are the main character and has a very engaging effect. In vain will you seek, on even a single countenance, for traces of anxiety, discomposure, or even of enthusiasm, readiness for death, decision, — there is nothing of the sort.

He/she has a limited perspective.

You will see the tradespeople quietly engaged in the duties of their callings, so that, possibly, you may reproach yourself for superfluous raptures, you may entertain some doubt as to the justice of the ideas regarding the heroism of the defenders of Sevastopol which you have formed from stories, descriptions, and the sights and sounds on the northern side.

As you can see, second person almost turns the reader into a participant in the story. It also makes the events more personal; it makes us feel as though we have a stake in the story and forces more internal reflection on our thoughts and feelings about what is happening.

I would only recommend using second person in short stories or literary fiction, which experiments with the art of writing. This is the point of view used most frequently in fiction. There are three types of third person: The story is narrated to the reader in the disembodied voice of an all-knowing, all-seeing god who knows what all of the characters are thinking and feeling at all times.

The narrator might even slip into second person occasionally and address the reader a huge no-no in modern fiction! Omniscient point of view is completely unlimited, and pretty much anything goes. He was always losing everything. Her jaw clenched in anger.The witness narrator can’t be identified with the author, and the author doesn’t take part in the story.

This type of narrator is a character with his own function in the chain of events. When you choose a witness narrator, it must be because you believe it’s the best way to tell the story. But the movie, which was adapted by Audrey Wells and directed by George Tillman Jr., moves the Talk from the middle of the story to the front, so it functions as both a point of entry for viewers.

"Fractured fairy tales to teach point of view. 4 Classic Fairy Tale books told from the OTHER point of view. Goldilocks, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood" "fairy tales, told by the 'other' character in the story.

trty0 8 points 9 points 10 points 4 years ago Well, if we're going to talk about first person perspective in movies, we shouldn't forget about the recent 'MANIAC' remake.

It's a horror film that I absolutely LOVED where we only see Elijah Wood's character, Frank Zito, in a very small handful of scenes. Witness Themes Acceptance Of Violence in Western Society Nature Of Man - Good Vs Evil Themes In Witness The film Witness() explores many themes and concepts, Peter Weir its director has made decisions regarding these themes and conveyed his commentary on these themes using the story, characters and setting to his advantage.

Feb 08,  · And it's at this point, really, that the movie begins.

Jun 27,  · Final Witness is a compelling hybrid of documentary and drama, featuring interviews with real-life witnesses, prosecutors, law enforcement, family and friends, along with riveting scripted scenes, which thrust viewers into the heart of each crime/10(). The film takes this idea and moves it deeper into the text, allowing a group of characters to witness a vision in the same way that is withheld from the audience. Central idea of a work of literature scene A segment in a narrative film that takes place in one time and space or that uses crosscutting to show two or more simultaneous actions.

Up until the return to Pennsylvania, "Witness" has been a slick, superior thriller. Now it turns into an intelligent and perceptive love story.4/4.

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