Telemachus odysseus father son relationship

Very early in the poem, Athena goes to her father, saying that she feels very distressed about Odysseus's situation. Odysseus is trapped on an island in the middle of the sea by the nymph, Calypso, who keeps him prisoner there and will not let him leave. Athena calls him "wise Odysseus, hapless man," and she asks her father, Zeus, why he is "so Odysseus has a fantastic relationship with Athena and Zeus in this text.

Telemachus odysseus father son relationship

For instance, that the structure and the organization of Telemachus odysseus father son relationship Greeks was patriarchal Caldwell The men were highly respected especially those that were strong and courageous.

In Odyssey therefore, it is expected that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus is as admiring as it is; the father is proud of his son, who is courageous and the son is proud of his father who has earned a reputation as a warrior who defended his territory bravely.


However, it is surprisingly that distance earned the father —son affection. Through distance, a son and a father establish their share of beliefs and values but not through direct contact The relationship In the Odyssey, the father and the son spend most of their time apart and it is through distance that they developed admiration and love for each other.

The physical distance between the father and the son is vital and cements their relationship. The father created the distance by being far from home for twenty years. His son then decided to go on a journey and look for him. It is through this journey that Telemachus is able to prove his worth.

The distance allowed the father and the son to develop a strong bond and feelings towards each other. In respect to the distance that existed between the father and the son, Telemachus discovered his father in him.

Through Telemachus victory, Odysseus saw himself in his son. There are some secrets, not pronounced in fathers that appear in their sons. The father is similar to his son and the vice versa is true. Some aspects and values that fathers and sons share define them.

These values are in The Odysseys by Homer to help shape father- son relationship. With this sense of responsibility to look after one another, the sons will always avenge their fathers from any humiliation. When Telemachus went enquiring from the king about his father the king told him of Orestes and what he did to the man who murdered his father.

According to Homer every man should have a son that would avenge for him when he his gone. A son should look at his father as his greatest father and uphold him in his highest esteem. The father on the other hand should protect his son from any harm.

Odysseus would do anything to protect his son from any danger. He was gone for twenty years but when he returned Odysseus made sure that he protected his son. Conclusion In conclusion, the relationship between a father and his son is strong bond that cannot be broken.

It is usually internal as expressed in the Odyssey.

Telemachus odysseus father son relationship

It is stipulated clearly that a father will go to any limits to protect his son and with the same measure; a son will protect his father.

However, the quality of this relationship is determined through the distance between the two. As aforementioned, a worth of a man develops by fighting and winning own battles.

A Hero and His Son:

Odysseus won his battle just like Telemachus and each saw himself through the lenses of victory of the other and their relationship grew stronger every day. Works Cited Blazina, Chis. Toward New Paradigms of Masculinity. The Origin of the Gods:Telemachus is an infant when Odysseus leaves for Troy, leaving him alone with his concerned mother and her arrogant suitors.

In father-son relationships, both fathers and sons provide and learn from each other while also affecting those outside of the relationship, on both a figurative and literal level. In this classic epic, a fatherly presence is important in transforming a young and ignorant boy into a well .

Telemachus odysseus father son relationship

I apologize for the awkward citations in this essay, MLA just didn’t jive with such heavy usage of online text research. The Achilles of ancient Greek legend is often counted among the greatest of epic heroes for his fantastical exploits during the Trojan War as depicted by Homer in the Iliad.

While it is easy to become seduced by the power and might of invincible Achilles we must remember.

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Father and Son Relationships in The Odyssey by Homer Posted by Nicole Smith, Dec 6, Poetry Comments Closed Print There are certain obvious facts that are known about the nature of father-son relationships in Homer’s most famous epic poems, “The Iliad" .

A Hero and His Son: The Relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus. Jack H. David Jr.

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SWT: ENG Summer II One of the most intriguing aspects of The Odyssey by Homer is the relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus, his son. The first four books of the epic poem are actually not about Odysseus at all, but about Telemachus. Oct 29,  · Best Answer: Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope.

When he was an infant, his father pretended to be insane in order to avoid going to the Trojan War. Palamedes placed Telemachus in front of his father's plow, and Odysseus revealed his sanity by swerving to avoid injuring the child.

As a young Status: Resolved. It’s possible the restoration of his relationship with his son, Telemachus, is the most significant event of all.

This reconnection carries out three main purposes. First, it serves to characterize Telemachus' likeness to his father in the virtues of wisdom, humility, patience, and organization.

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