Stakeholder of airasia

Based on my first cursory walk about in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 on Sunday, arriving on a CX flight, it is my opinion that the designers have betrayed Singapore and Singaporeans in the following ways: The first and most important failure is the failure to grow on a theme about what Singapore Changi Airport is really all about, especially when we take all that has been achieved from the time that Terminal 1, 2 and 3 were built, so that Terminal 4 could feel like a continuation of a country learning, growing and becoming bolder over time.

Stakeholder of airasia

But ethics is also about how we behave towards each other and the outside world.

Stakeholder of airasia

At AirAsia, we obey all applicable laws and regulations, both in letter and in spirit. We treat all stakeholders — our shareholders, guests, suppliers, employees and the community around us — with respect. We believe all our employees, directors, agents and representatives must share and pursue the same beliefs.

We have specific policies with more details in the respective areas.

Stakeholder of airasia

Stakeholder of airasia check them up. That we do our business fairly, impartially, ethically, and with the utmost regard to safety.

That we obey all applicable laws and regulations. That integrity be the basis of all our relationships whether with guests, suppliers, communities and with each other.

That we respect the environment and are aware of, and minimise our impact on it. We promote and recognise our people based on talent and performance.

We work hard and create a common vision and sense of purpose amongst all fellow employees of AirAsia. We commit to giving equal employment opportunities by creating an environment free from any discrimination, whether due to colour, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status, ancestry, socio-economic status or physical disabilities.

We minimise environmental damage by developing, promoting and using environmentally-friendly technology and practices. Keep our work-place drug-free! No violence either — we sort out issues and disagreement in a civil manner using proper channels and with respect for all others around us.

We continually look for opportunities to improve, keep a lookout for possible safety failings and violations, and report all such instances through the established channels. We will not do anything that will compromise safety in AirAsia. We will refrain from utilising AirAsia property and assets for personal use.

When traveling, we minimise traveling expenses by following all requirements and guidelines. We will make best use of technology that allows us maximum benefits for minimum costs.

As technology changes rapidly, something totally new and unexpected may emerge and become widespread in use such as some aspects of social media or new devices or new ways of using technology. Sometimes, policies and guidelines may not be able to keep up.

In such cases, if you need guidance about what to do, remember the core of our Code of Conduct — break no laws, break no part of this Code, keep the interest of the company utmost, treat others as you want to be treated and use your best judgement and get advice from your bosses or the right people if in doubt.

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We may only represent AirAsia to other parties if we have the authority to do so — and when we do, we keep within that authority at all times.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Market: Code: Company Name: Place of Incorporation of Foreign Companies: Industry: Symbol: Date of Listing: Chairman: General Manager: Spokesman: Title of Spokesman.

Oakland International Airport (IATA: OAK, ICAO: KOAK, FAA LID: OAK) is an international airport in Oakland, California, United is located approximately 10 miles south of Downtown Oakland and across from San Francisco which is situated on the other side of the San Francisco is owned by the Port of Oakland and features passenger services to cities in the United States, Mexico.

airasia. management: it is the continuous of planning, monitoring, analysis and assessment of all that is necessary for an organization to meet its goals and objectives. (Online resources) Company Profile AirAsia airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone.

Since , AirAsia has swiftly broken travel norms around the globe and has risen to become the. Corporate Strategy- is concerned with the overall purpose of the business to meet stakeholder expectations and needs. This is a crucial level since it is heavily influenced by investors in the business and acts to guide decision-making throughout the business.

AirAsia failed to attract enough passengers from Malaysia Airline to establish.

Market: Code: Company Name: Place of Incorporation of Foreign Companies: Industry: Symbol: Date of Listing: Chairman: General Manager: Spokesman: Title of Spokesman. The direct and indirect shareholdings of the shareholders holding more than 5% in AirAsia Group Berhad based on the Register of Substantial Shareholders as of 18 April are as follows: Please rotate your screen or scroll left and right if you cannot see the table. For instance, AirAsia’s joint venture with Shin Corporation to launch its new LLC achieved immediate success. In just 3 days of operations, it sold more than 20, seats on domestic routes. This speaks well of AirAsia’s ability to meet (or even exceed) the expectations of its customers.

A stakeholder is is someone that has a stake in the company's operations, e.g. it might be an employee, a customer, a shareholder, etc. The concept is useful in that it helps to focus attention on the fact that people other than shareholders have a stake in the company, and if their stake is always ignored in preference to that of shareholders.

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