Sixteen year old female athlete case study

This patient had persistent pain with sports. She is young and wanted to continue her sports involvement. Treatment to relieve her pain is totally justifiable.

Sixteen year old female athlete case study

Lucia, Queensland, Australia, Email: Clinical reasoning and rehabilitation strategies are presented with respect to literature base. Final outcome was full resolution of symptoms and return to full athletic function, however, symptoms were relatively persistent and atypical.

In such cases, the diagnostic process is often iterative, where intervention serves both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Level 5; Single case report. She reported six month history of unilateral anterolateral knee pain, having recently resumed a progressive training plan from her club coach, after three months total rest from triathlon training.

Symptoms were reported in status quo ISQ. She had previously received corticosteroid injection and physiotherapy for concurrent shoulder tendinopathy and bursitis, but only trial of patella taping and rest for the knee.

A full injury course timeline is included Appendix 1 ,however, shoulder rehabilitation is not discussed further. In atypical clinical presentation, differential diagnoses is often iterative, where response to treatment serves diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Moreover, anatomical connections between the ITB, patella, vastus lateralis, biceps femoris and extensor aponeurosis could readily perpetuate a variety of symptoms.Case Study #1: Simon (Year-Old Athletic Male) by Brian Rigby, MS, CISSN.

March 31, 4 Replies. Case Studies. Case Studies. Basically, I’m going to show you some of the process I would go through were I to see a particular individual as a client.

Women. An Unusual Case of Pulmonary Embolism in a Young Healthy Female Competitive Rower KATHERINE M. RAND, CHARLES B. SHERMAN, MD CR was a year-old female athlete who presented to the CASE REPORT had a month history of using the NuvaRing (etonogestrel.

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Case of Lisa. Lisa is an year-old White women’s basketball player at a Division I public institution. This year-old female, soccer athlete was treated for pain in the right groin previously.

Now has acute onset of pain in the left hip. The pain was in the This case study described a four phase rehabilitation. In this case, a year-old female athlete presented to a sports chiropractic clinic with non-traumatic onset of right ankle pain.

After failed conservative management, radiographs and MRI were obtained exhibiting a bony lesion of the distal tibia resembling osteomyelitis.

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Three female athletes, ages year of age, were included in this study. All came to therapy with complaints of anterior knee pain. Inclusion criteria for this case series involved being female, participating in a sport for at least six months during the year, being years of age, and experiencing pain in anterior knee with squatting.

Sixteen year old female athlete case study
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