Recruiting tanglewood stores essay

Store Associate Reports to: Shift leaders, Department Managers Qualifications: Regional newspaper, radio, and television advertising Use of employee referrals Installations of computerized kiosks in each store Employing state job services Employing a staffing agency StoreStaff Staff members involved: The media recruiting method can be either an open or targeted recruitment depending upon whether the company decides to diversify their media outlets on a variety of application populations, or whether they decide to select a specific group to focus on.

Recruiting tanglewood stores essay

This can be done by distributing some of the responsibilities to other employees and management. This will decrease payroll and operational costs. Tanglewood should not decrease staff in a way that will cause them to be understaffed and rely on flexible staffing, but give particular employees more responsibility.

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This will also give current employees more opportunity for training and promotion to higher level positions. Short- or Long-Term Focus For Tanglewood to improve staffing they need to focus on a short-term changes of their current human resources.

This staffing option is not recommended for Tanglewood, because there is no focus on the person being matched with the organization.

Potential employees who look to become promoted or move up the corporate ladder will need to match with the future job category. Tanglewood needs to acquire those who can have skills that will be beneficial for the organization on a variety of different job levels, so they will be a better fit for Tanglewoods culture.

Finding employees who can easily adapt will save time and money. An active workforce will save time, money, bring a wide variety of suggestions, and ideas to the organization. A passive diversity could create issues in future, because the world in which we live is changing every day.

Overall, Tanglewood wants to centralize human resource and expand in the northwest and the organizations needs to make some key changes.

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This will include retaining current employees, hiring internally, and acquiring new employees when needed. Tanglewood should avoid outsourcing and keep an exceptional core workforce that can perform a variety of job functions.The retail market knowledge exam is a set of questions related to the retail industry and Tanglewood's unique position in the industry.

Recruiting tanglewood stores essay

Some of the questions on the exam pertain to basic knowledge of marketing principles and other questions address the factors that separate Tanglewood from its . Tanglewood Employee Representation.

Tanglewood Case 1 The focus of this paper is to assess the current operational environment of Tanglewood and offer recommendations on how the organization should implement staffing strategies in regards to developing an effective selection plan.

Organization Overview and Mission Tanglewood is a general retail store that has carved out a niche in the retail. Recruiting and selection is vital to a company’s growth, because without selecting and recruiting the right workers with the right talent for the job and placing them in the right position, there is no way a company can earn the trust and loyalty of the consumers.

Tanglewood Case Essay Sample Based on the case, Tanglewood is in need of entry level positions due to the turnover rate the company experiences.

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Tanglewood utilizes various methods within different regions, but the company would like to have a more centralized system. Tanglewood has utilized both methods of recruiting, but perhaps in order to grow the business in the area in which it needs to go, Tanglewood should revisit the recruitment process in the other regions that might not be doing as well.

- Preferred Approach Enhance Recruiting Techniques The recruitment module stores and organizes applicant and vacancy files; this will aid Seabird Aerospace in matching candidates to jobs available, ensuring the position is filled with a qualified and quality employee.

Better Manage Personnel Information Seabird Aerospace will have.

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