Life map writing assignment format

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Life map writing assignment format

They use their life maps as graphic organizers for writing their autobiographies. Objectives create a life map to use as a graphic organizer for writing an autobiography. Keywords writing, autobiography, graphic organizer, timeline Materials Needed a sheet of white drawing paper colored pencils, markers, and other drawing supplies The Lesson In my class, I use this "life map" activity as a prewriting exercise.

This activity could also be used successfully as a standalone activity. Before the Lesson You might prepare a sample "life map" that illustrates your own life. On my life map, I drew a set of bells to represent the day I got married. I drew an apple to represent day I became a teacher In other words, a life map is a "symbol timeline" of your life.

Arrows connect the symbols in the sequence they happened in your life. If you create a life map of your life you will be able to share it with students; it will serve as a model they can use as they create their own life maps. Teaching the Lesson As mentioned above, I use this lesson as a prewriting exercise to having students write their autobiographies.

For that reason, I have already read aloud to students a couple autobiographies so they understand the concept of an autobiography. You might begin this lesson by reading aloud an autobiography, or a chapter from one. Talk about some of the important events that the author shared in the autobiography about his or her life.

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Discuss with students the kinds of important events that they might tell about if they were to write their autobiographies.

Have students share those "most memorable" or "most important" events from their lives. Write the events on a sheet of chart paper as students call them out.For this first writing assignment, you will be using the textbooks for this class AND one journal article (in the manner described above and discussed in class).

Fortunately, you have to make no decisions about format for these references. Introduction to Psychology Writing Assignments One of the requirements of this course is to complete three writing assignments.

You may complete a fourth assignment for extra credit. ASSIGNMENT FORMAT: 1. A paper about 2 pages long 2. Typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins. The crucible essay communication audit assignment hermodice carunculata descriptive essay essay on 11 september movie juveniles being tried as adults essay about myselfCustom research paper writers vacancies essay skriv opgave an essay on diwali what are some ways to reduce stress in your life essay competent communication .

Life map assignment level 1

Using the life map outline, complete your own life map. This map will be placed inside your portfolio for others to look at. Remember, this can be something you save forever, to share with your family members.

life map writing assignment format

Pre-Write: Creating a Life Map. This activity serves as both an ice-breaker for the beginning of school and a good pre-writing tool that gives students confidence when approaching small writing tasks.

life map writing assignment format

Have the students write the 10 main events in a map format. Remind the students that this is not a time line but a map, meaning the events can be organized in any way on the paper as long as the line of time connects each in order.

Life map assignment task