Leasehold and freehold forms of property

It is just as important, if not more, to understand all facets of property ownership before you take the plunge and put down your hard-earned money towards a home. Leading the charge in this was Dubai, the first emirate to open its doors and allow expats to own property.

Leasehold and freehold forms of property

Leasehold Ownership Leasehold properties are one of the principal forms of property ownership in the UK Residential Investor May 1, Along with knotted hankies, buttered crumpets and queueing, the concept of leasehold is a quaintly English phenomenon.

In reality of course, the leasehold sector is booming, in part due to a resistance by freeholders, developers and central government to embrace the alternatives. Leasehold has its roots in the year Carved out of these parcels of freehold land were sub-leases for farming land to tenants, which essentially continues to this day with leaseholders holding land albeit generally now a few storeys up for a defined period.

Leaseholders have restricted options to vary the terms of their contract even if inequitable. Witness for example the recent controversy around exponentially increasing ground rents. Taylor Wimpey, although far from alone amongst the major developers, saw the potential for a healthy second income stream post-completion, which could also be sold on to a third party.

The ground rent portfolio market is a buoyant one with good reason — guaranteed incomes against a solid asset for a long period.

Leasehold and Freehold, Forms of Property Ownership Essay Example | Graduateway

I recently came across an apartment lease where the ground rent doubles every 25 years. Fairly standard you might think.

Leasehold and freehold forms of property

The lease is currently only 10 years expired, but the lessee advised that some mortgagees had already expressed reservations in lending against the apartment. One of the difficulties with leasehold is that the present value of the asset is carved out of the ultimate freehold interest, but the immediate liabilities can be undetermined.

This can be summed up in the recent case of Citiscape, a 15 year old block of 95 apartments in Croydon. Post Grenfell, mandatory inspections have led to questions on who should pay for remedial works where required.

At Citiscape, a tribunal determined that the cost of waking watches the continuous patrols and recladding costs were payable by the current leaseholders, not the freeholder or developer.

Since the determination, Barrett Developments, the original developer, have in fairness offered to pay the costs for remedial works, but clearly the case has wider ramifications and this is unlikely to be replicated on other blocks in similar situations.


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He has worked in the London market for 20 years and has a particular interest in maximising the value of assets and services on behalf of clients.With a leasehold, you own the property and its land for the length of your lease agreement with the freeholder. When the lease ends, ownership returns to the freeholder, unless you can extend the lease.

Leasehold and freehold forms of property

Upon purchasing your next property, it's essential to understand the difference between three types of ownership. Freehold, Strata and Leasehold properties. Property buyers usually get confused with terms such as freehold and leasehold.

Dear buyers, these terms form a significant part of your property agreements, and you cannot afford to stay ignorant. Dear buyers, these terms form a significant part of your property agreements, and you cannot afford to stay ignorant.

Freehold vs leasehold property ownership: what's the difference?

Leasehold and Freehold, Forms of Property Ownership Essay. Owning a property is a cherished dream for most Zimbabweans - Leasehold and Freehold, Forms of Property Ownership Essay introduction. The property purchase process which involves selecting the right location, the right property and the right price also involves a critical aspect of selecting the appropriate ownership structure.

The terms freehold, leasehold and commonhold describe the three common forms of property ownership that exist in England and Wales.

In Scotland, Scottish law has its own version of freehold property which is known as “ feuhold ”, and while there are some leasehold properties north of the border it is much less common than in England and .

Leasehold Information Form (2nd edition) Address of the property the seller Seller's solicitor bought by more than one person 'Property' means the leasehold property being sold 'Building' means the building containing the property 'Neighbour' means those occupying flats in the building the seller's wish to buy the freehold or be granted.

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