Lack of basic services essay help

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Lack of basic services essay help

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. A rehabilitation program consists of cognitive models in addiction, treatment types, coping strategies, relapse prevention, basic learning information, counseling, criminal justice, and any step that can provide an individual with basic help to give them effective strategies to better there selves.

According to Rina Palta a study was done oninmates being released from prison within the years of and Many of offenders with an anger management problem will most likely pick up another charge, when not participating in a anger management program.

While lacking anger management programs in the prison systems we are contributing to the over populated prison systems by receiving the offenders back a second time. Other states such as Kansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and California are receiving budget cuts due to the financial state we are in.

If we are lacking funds by the budgets being cut, then offenders who are being convicted of crimes who are chemically dependent are not being ordered to take part in any substance abuse programs. Once the offender is released from prison with still no understanding of how to re enter society they resort back to what they know.

However, some state and federal facilities are offering rehabilitation programs within the prison systems. Some federal prisons offer GED programs, college classes, and apprenticeships. There are also many of prisons who offer drug classes such as nonresidential drug abuse programs as well as the drug education class, hr residential drug program.

Some also offer classes that will get an inmate mentally ready before they release.

lack of basic services essay help

In the state prisons they offer college classes in some as well as apprenticeships, and a drug class. What I have seen is that federal prisons are still offering a good bit of programs threw the poor economy while the state is cutting programs from left to right.

I witnessed this statistic in person January ,21 inmates at Greenville Federal Prison Camp completed a hr residential treatment program out of 21 inmates who was released in the same three days only one has returned back to prison to this exact day.

However the first three years out for an offender is the most crucial point for them it is either drown or swim. The disadvantage the State facilities have is they are funded solely by there state while the Federal facilities are funded by the government, depending on the states budget is what decides if and what prisons will be able to receive rehabilitation programs.

However State and Federal prisons both are the establishments where the inmates serve there sentence after being sentenced.

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All while the Federal government contract with a corporation to make a halfway house, a place where an inmate releases to from 1 month-6 months depending on his or her case. In this facility they are encouraged to take classes to help your transition go well, obtain a job, follow basic rules, and take home passes.

Some statistics I found in reference to the prison systems is that the federal government held 1, inmates, in which two-thirds of the number was incarcerated. The population increased so much this past two years that they increased bed space in the prisons and began to bunk at least three inmates in the same room.

As a result of the lack of rehabilitation in the prisons many of the prisons received re-offenders back who still lacked the appropriate social tools to be successful in society.

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By the lack of rehabilitation programs in the state and federal prison systems, the chances of convicts releasing and returning back to prison increases.

It is very hard for offenders to be released without being prepared for what is out here in society. It took for me to make a realistic timeline for myself, decide where I wanted to be, review all my damaging consequences I had made for myself as well as others, have an objective mind set, and not to underestimate my situation as being a convicted felon.

I was given the chance to participate in a rehabilitation program however there are many of inmates who do not get the chance I received. In conclusion to this statement I would like to recommend legislators, voters, and lawmakers to think of the society as a whole.

Think about the world your children are going to grow up in, if we do not try to help the corrupted ways in people today. I urge the prison systems to look into getting volunteers if they can not afford the programs.

I also urge the community to give up some of their time and offer to help people who could use the extra help, help save your community and the future of the community.Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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New to Wikipedia? See our introduction for aspiring you require interactive assistance, see asking for other useful directories and indexes, see directories. A rehabilitation program consists of cognitive models in addiction, treatment types, coping strategies, relapse prevention, basic learning information, counseling, criminal justice, and any step that can provide an individual with basic help to give them effective strategies to better there selves.

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