How to write a 3rd grade book review

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How to write a 3rd grade book review

I cook, I sew, my beloved and I run our business from home. After more than 30 years of marriage, life is just about perfect. This is our corner of the world.

I'm sure none of you was holding your breath anyway, right? This is the Calvert 7th Grade Academic Curriculum; their Scholastic curriculum uses one or two fewer novels, and some number fewer compositions.

That being said, he did wonderfully with 7th Grade Calvert math. They write their own math curriculum, and it's very well organized and comprehensive.

One of the things I like is that they have a test to be administered at the beginning of the course to see what the child remembers from previous years. They then offer 10 lessons for review of anything in which he's rusty. Ryan was so proud that he didn't need any of those reviews!

This was a great pre-algebra course, introducing equalities and inequalities, variables and formulas. There was plenty of geography, including the Pythagorean Theorem, complementary and supplementary angles, polygons, parallel and perpendicular lines, etc.

There was also some statistics, graphing, patterns and number theory, as well as the usual math and plenty of word problems. Right after we finished the course, Ryan took the Algebra I placement test, and aced it! Spelling was the Scott Foresman book.

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Ryan finds it rather tedious, and I would have preferred it if Calvert had continued using their original spelling course. I've sung this song before, and I'm sure everyone's bored with it.

Reading was an excellent course. Scattered through the course was poetry from the book Classic Poems to Read Aloud. Neither my student nor I was much excited about Poetry. That being said, I suppose it makes him a more well rounded person, and there's a lot of good to be said for exposure to many different literature forms.

The first book we read was Kidnapped, followed by Around the World in 80 days. Both of these books are beyond exciting for a 12 year old, especially one whose mother does not allow TV to speak of, and whose computer use is severely limited, to the exclusion of all video games.

These two factors give my children very vivid imaginations, a necessary factor in finding the excitement in books in my opinion. After these two books, we read The Miracle Worker. Ryan expected to dislike this book based on two factors: He was very pleasantly surprised by the book indeed, and was cheering for Helen and Annie Sullivan at the end!

He was surprised by this one as well. It's about a black family in the deep south prior to WWII, very well written and riveting. The last book was Anne Frank, and Ryan didn't like it at all. He found it very dull.

how to write a 3rd grade book review

Truthfully, I understand and don't disagree. Composition and Grammar are somewhat intertwined, being taught from the same textbook.Lesson Plan: Henry’s Freedom Box (3rd Grade) Before Class: Put up a large poster of an empty tree (see attached) on one of the classroom walls.

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3rd Grade Fractions This is an interesting online test about fractions that 3rd grade students could take at the end of the chapter. Addition and Multiplication Connection Math Test.

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Here are 3 versions of a book template which I adapted to my year 2/3 class. It looks at who they think would like it, what their opinion of the book is, whether it is fact or fiction and a 5 star rating.

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