Executive summary of colgate toothpaste

As customers become increasingly concerned about their oral health, toothbrush manufacturers make great efforts in rolling out product innovations to make functional and aesthetic changes. Without a super-premium product on its product line, Colgate should develop one to address customers' needs which are missed by its competitors, such as gum care needs. As proved by present value calculation, Colgate should position its Precision brush as a mainstream product to achieve bigger market share with comparatively low price.

Executive summary of colgate toothpaste

Meswak: How a tiny toothpaste brand turned its loyalists into its sales force | WARC Colgate Palmolive Pak Ltd.
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However, we did not seperate product types and we focused on all the toothpaste products of the Sensodyne as general. The reason behind why we chose Sensodyne is that we think there is lopsidedness between the quality of the product and its place in the market.

Therefore, we wanted to search about it and propose solutions on it.

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After that, we focused on marketing mix, marketing audit and consumer analysis. At last but not least, although Sensodyne is seen as well respected firm by the majority, it has a desirable location in Positioning Map as well, its brand image can be evaluated problematical.

Therefore, Sensodyne needs some improvements and adjustments. As an improvement, we do not recommend a significant discount on the product price because we think that it will directly harm the brand image of the Sensodyne. On the other hand, we recommend the relation with customers should be improved.

For this purpose, ad and P. R carry the crucial role.

Executive summary of colgate toothpaste

Besides, Sensodyne should improve its distribution channels due to the fact that it is not as accessible as its competitors.Year-to-date, our toothpaste share is flat or up in 13 of 18 market and we are particularly pleased with our share performance in Turkey with the Colgate brand is closing in on the market leader.

B) Colgate-Palmolive just introduced a "new and improved" chemical formula for its "Total" toothpaste. C) Home Depot (a home improvement chain) just introduced its own dealer brand of paint. D) Apple just introduced a computer operating system that is so "user-friendly" it responds to spoken commands.

Colgate Case. Alex Colgate-Palmolive Case-Marketing Plan I. Executive Summary A. Summary of situation analysis The Colgate-Palmolive case involves the Precision toothbrush, which was entered into the market in by Colgate .

Colgate-Palmolive Co is recognized as a leader in sales of oral hygiene products sales.

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In the sales of the company exceeded the level of $6 billion and gained profits of $ billion as it brought them 43% of the toothpaste world market. Free Papers and Essays on Colgate In Argentina. We provide free model essays on Marketing, Colgate In Argentina reports, and term paper samples related to Colgate In Argentina.

Executive summary of colgate toothpaste

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