Essay on why i deserve an a in class

Anyway, for some reason, I thought it was pretty damn good. A great measure of achievement. The students were bombing. These were seniors at Elk Mound High School.

Essay on why i deserve an a in class

Although there are divergent views on how grading should be done, there is a considerable degree of common ground that students who work hard would perform better. Since I have worked hard with regard to online writing, I am convinced that I deserve an excellent grade.

This essay seeks to put forward the grade I serve as well as explain the reasons for my assertion. I deserve grade A because I have an excellent feedback from the writing centre, I balanced work and studies well, reserched extensively, and my participation in online lectures was exceptional including my keen eye on details and a great deal of teamwork.

Essay on why i deserve an a in class

My participation in all online lectures gives me confidence that I deserve to get grade A. This is because the assessment is usually done on the basis of what was taught in all lectures. Moreover, I am conscious of the fact that not all writing questions are based on the lectures.

According to Yewchuk and Jobagy, although most instructors accord more weighting on lecturer attendance, there are always writings that require students to apply the knowledge they gained in lectures.

With this in mind, I also consider myself as having applied the knowledge gained in lectures to do the online writing. In any case, the writings were not very involving. Therefore, even if application of writing skills had more weighting, I would still score well.

There is also a need to explore the possibility not writing well even after attending all lectures. It is true that even after attending all lectures, a student may not be attentive to the details of the lecture and may not always benefit.

On the contrary, my concentration levels are always above par. Therefore, I am confident that I deserve grade A. Although I attended all lectures, my conviction would be mild if I did not follow all the instructions in all the papers.

My deserving grade A is also based on the fact that I am a person who pays attention to details. Each fine detail, however insignificant to it may look, attracts much attention from my eye and intuition.

Specifically, I followed all the writing instructions. Before I did any writing, I read the instructions so carefully that I could not have missed or misunderstood what was required of the writing. Furthermore, on top of paying strict attention to instructions, I also paid much attention in the writing process itself.

I made sure that I read each instruction at least twice in order to understand them fully. On this basis, I believe that I do not only deserve grade A but also to be awarded as the best student. Many authorities have wrestled with the issue of understanding writing instructions better and its contribution towards performance.

According to Shoremost students fail examinations because they do not pay close attention to details. In addition, he observes that since most instructors or professors are aware of the fact that most students attend all lectures; they are bound to manipulate instructions in such a way that only a keen eye can grasp what is being required.

Since I was aware of my work and study commitments, I exerted a lot of energies in answering the questions. This is because it is always an uphill task for anybody to perform well in studies while working: I am an accountant in my organization thus I am very busy.

However, in spite of my being busy, I managed to write well in other occasions. On this basis, it is likely that I should score the same way in the online writing class.

I would attribute my earlier performance to the fact that I was conscious of the huge responsibilities that lay ahead of me: I was a full time worker as well as student. As a result, I adopted a very aggressive attitude punctuated by a lot of discipline and time management.

There was no time to waste. Each minute was very valuable.The vast majority of the students who took the class fancied themselves as “pre-med”, thus they all expected to get As, regardless of how much work they did. . But, everything comes to an end, and in class manners, sadly you have to get a grade, in this essay I’m going to expose the reasons why I deserve an A in English class giving you lector the arguments of why I need it, and why I deserve it.

Therefore, I believe that I truly deserve an A in this the class for this semester. As the beginning of the of English started, I was confident about my writing until . No matter which you are writing for, your main goal is to show who you are and why you deserve this opportunity.

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Why Do I Deserve an A in This Class? Students typically receive a grade of A in an academic course by demonstrating a very high level of achievement. Typically, A is the highest possible passing grade, though schools may use plus and minus symbols along with traditional letter grades.

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