Case study of amul products for bcg group

BCG provide consultancy services across various sectors and industries as a part of its marketing mix product and service strategy. The company has a global presence and expertise across domains. This gives an overview of Boston Consulting Group has to offer to its customers.

Case study of amul products for bcg group

Case Study Introduction The phone starts ringing, we're going to pick it up and when we touch it, the ringer volume smartly goes down! Today a company like HTC could make this kind of cellphone.

Since the launch of the IBM Simon insmartphone technology has reached levels that until recent times had only been dreamed about.

All over the world, the smartphone experience is being shared by more and more people every day. The business opportunities presented by this new category have attracted many of the major global information and communications technology ICT firms, including firms from the mobile telephony, personal computer, Internet, and personal digital assistant PDA industries, into a complex new landscape of competition.

For many of these firms, capturing a portion of the total value created by the smartphone industry is believed to be a key to future growth and profits.

Kenney, The interest is understandable. Today more than 1. By collapsing the boundaries between previously distinct devices, smartphones are subsuming sales of mobile phones entirely and, increasingly, netbook and notebook PCs.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix

To complicate the landscape, the smartphone is not the only device at stake, tablets and ebook readers are emerging as key components of the mobile universe. Given the rate at which smartphone are penetrating the market and component prices are declining by there will be, at least, 2 billion smart mobile devices in use globally.

Kenney, According to the instructions we should make a report with a organizational business plan structure to depict current situations of Apple Inc. Then we review the most effective force on iPhone production with Porter's 5 forces. I use mostly figures to draw an up to date image from Apple iPhone production and market situation.

Ansoff matrix will be the next analysis which helps us understand iPhone market penetration and how it reached diversification. Apple is a big company with several products and services that provide along with products. Each product has its own market.

It is possible to use multiple factors and combine related statistics for analyzing a company with different product. But in this case we are required to analyze smartphone industry only. I use recent figures to for analyses. It is required to indicate strength and weaknesses of smartphone section.

In my opinion weaknesses are more important. They could emerge in any areas such as production lines, technological aspects or selling process and cause big failures. Prominent strength and weaknesses will be identified and then will be matched with political, social, technological and environmental factors.

This analysis classifies strong and weak points within 5 forces: Threat of new entrants and substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers and customers, and segment rivalry.

These forces analyze micro environment. For market share and growth analysis Growth-share matrix BCG matrix will be used. This method indicates a product strength using its sales cash flows.

Star, Cash cow, Dog and Question mark.

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Apple iPhone as a new product in comparison with existing products within a new or existing market will be analyzed using Ansoff matrix.

Result shows that iPhone as a new product in was magnificent.The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises.

Case Study Of Boston Consulting Group (A Big Three Firm Words | 7 Pages. Boston Consulting Group(a Big Three firm) is competing in the global management consulting industry with the suppliers being the global management consulting firms made up of three different groups: a few large consulting firms, a modest amount of mid-size firms and many boutique firms.

Marketing case study on TUI Travel: PESTEL and SWOT. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: If we can follow the BCG matrix is can tell the good position of the company.

All the other companies’ tui can also adopt the policy of going green 2 + products and brands company can have. 3 billion Market capitalisations$.

The Apple Case study From the iPod to the iPad can be located here as a free download.. *In , Boston Consulting Group produced the report prepared for the Secretary of State for Industry the Strategy Alternatives for the British Motorcycle Industry.

The Project is concern with to study the PLC of AMUL milk in Pune city, Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix, channel of distribution of Amul milk, promotional activities carried out by Amul.

Specializing in dairy products, AMUL now takes pride in having built the largest food product business in the country.

Case study of amul products for bcg group

Being a part of the Gujarat Cooperative. The Boston Consulting Group is one of the largest management-consulting firms in the world, with 87 offices in 45 initiativeblog.come magazine has ranked it as one of the best companies to work for.

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