An introduction to the analysis of transcendentalism

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An introduction to the analysis of transcendentalism

By the end of grade 12, read and comprehend literary nonfiction at the high end of the grades CCR text complexity band independently and proficiently.

Overview We are going to start reading a text by one of the main authors of the transcendentalist movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson. In order for students to capture the significance of this text, they will need an introduction to Transcendentalism.

This will be a very brief and broad overview, but the ideas presented will show up in the text and that will help students make sense of the content. Introduction 5 minutes I open by announcing to students that I am giving them a quick introduction to American Literature movements today. I plan for this to be a brief overview so students are just expected to follow along as I lecture.

An introduction to the analysis of transcendentalism

I explain that the focus of an 11th grade English class is American literature and that it is no accident that they are enrolled in an American History class concurrently. I project a chart we will be using to track important aspects of a few literary movements in American literature and tell students that we will only be talking about the first one and the third one today.

The first movement is the age of faith with Puritan literature.

About The Transcendentalist

The third one is the age of expansion with Transcendentalist literature. The reason why I only plan on addressing these two today is because it can take a while to look at all three at once and it is difficult for students to keep track of all three at the same time.

The reason why I am not focusing only on Transcendentalism is because the comparison to other literature is helpful for students to understand the qualities of the one we are focusing on, Transcendentalism. I briefly explain what a literary movement is by stating that there have been periods of time when a given group of writers explored a given set of ideas and adopted a certain set of beliefs.

The literature produced reflects these ideas and beliefs and it begins to be considered a movement. Exploring Transcendentalism 25 minutes I begin by discussing the age of faith and Puritans.

I ask students what they know about the Puritans and if they have studied them in their history class. Students say they have not studied them and they are not familiar with their history. I have to give them a brief overview where I explain the following: Puritans fled Europe because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

They came and settled in the area now known as the United States in order to create a community where they could practice religion the way they wanted.

They wanted to practice a pure form of religion, which is why they are called Puritans. The focus of their life is on religion The Puritan way of life is usually interesting to students because it feels so far from what they know and because it represents an extreme when comparing them to the other movements.

Students work on making their own copy of this chart. To explain their view of nature I have to remind students of the Adam and Eve story so that they can understand that a people who chose to see religion in pure terms would take a story like this one to literally mean that humans are born sinners.

I add that this helps explain why the strict adherence to the word on the bible; It was the only way of ensuring a place in heaven.

At this point, students begin to comment on this view of the world by stating that it seems extreme. A couple may also question why we are talking about religion in school. I always have at least one student asking this question during a lecture like this one. When I ask, a few students know so they provide a definition.A brief introduction to the basic ideas of Transcendentalism, including the source and context of the ideas an introduction to the history of transcendentalism Transcendentalism is a philosophical movement that free essay on health care reform developed in the Creative writing sacramento.

an introduction to the analysis of transcendentalism writing and every day George Gordon Byron. was an English poet. Literary Analysis Essay. Literary Analysis Jennifer Marchant ENG Introduction to Literature Instructor: Jennifer Rupp 04/08/ Literary Analysis Even though everyone interprets symbolism in a story differently, the literary elements in the story are what help determine the theme.

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Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain. Transcendentalism flourished in the intellectual centers of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and, because of Ralph Waldo Emerson's presence, in nearby Concord as well.

Emerson moved to Concord in and bought a home on the Cambridge Turnpike in

Eleventh grade Lesson Introduction to Transcendentalism and "Self-Reliance"