An analysis of bankruptcy

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An analysis of bankruptcy

Agreements were in place at the Port of Stockton for about four million tons of export capacity—not enough—and so Bowie embarked on a project to expand West Coast port resources out of Oakland.

Bowie had jumped on a few small mine acquisitions and had also announced a large three-mine deal with Peabody late last year. But there have been some hang-ups: It was supposed to: Bowie remains debt laden, and as we and others have noted, its current coal reserves in Utah are in a declining market.

The Trafigura and Galena equity buyout is on hold. Does this mean that the markets have determined that the current indebtedness to Trafigura and Galana far outstrips the value of the companies reserves? The mine deal with Peabody is now defunct.

An analysis of bankruptcy

Bowie could not find financing for the deal. Does this mean that the markets have determined that Bowie is not a viable concern or that the mines they were trying to buy are worthless?

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Either way, trying to buy more mines and sell more coal in an oversupplied market seems not to be a winning strategic play. In February, Bowie announced it was idling Bowie 2 in Colorado. How the company will continue to pay the interest on its indebtedness to Trafigura and Galena remains to be seen.

How long those investors can withstand weak performance is also an issue. With coal values plummeting all around them and no sign of any resurgence in the global thermal coal trade out of India, the outlook is grim. Is Bowie the next company to declare bankruptcy?Get access to real-time and historical corporate bankruptcy data and US business bankruptcy records from Sign up for a free trial now.

A bankruptcy judge ruled that a consumer bankruptcy attorney has to return client payments in 17 chapter 7 cases where he improperly billed for services and failed to provide appropriate required disclosures, Bloomberg reported.

At Southridge LLC,, we use our twenty + years of hands-on financial experience to give your small business the best quality funding and advisory services available. A bankruptcy case normally begins when the debtor files a petition with the bankruptcy court.

A petition may be filed by an individual, by spouses together, or by a corporation or other entity. All bankruptcy cases are handled in federal courts under rules outlined in the U.S.

Bankruptcy Code. Defining the Close Nexus: An Analysis of a Bankruptcy Court¿s Chapter 11 Postconfirmation Jurisdiction, Timothy A. Davis. The author analyzes the various areas. News & Analysis.

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David's Bridal Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Delaware. Share. Comment By Bloomberg November 19, CONSHOHOCKEN, United States — David’s Bridal filed for bankruptcy with a plan to cut debt by more than $ million and a deal .

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