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The little project presented here involved designing and building a simple, very low power alarm system to keep an AIS watch at sea. Collision Avoidance at Sea Avoiding undesirable encounters with ships in mid-ocean has always been a concern, especially for single-handers. One can sometimes go for weeks without seeing anything, but merchant vessels usually travel at some 15 knots or more and can appear out of nowhere at little notice.

Ais project

As the winter light levels dropped it seemed not to like lower charge input levels and never resume charge even on a sunny day. I grew tired of walking up the hill to reset it, so today collected it and vowed to get rid of the SunnyBuddy issue. It had been a sunny week.

The solar panel was outputting about 20V, the LiPo cell was sat at 3. The teensy was in standby mode as the voltage was low. The kit has been left on an exposed Scottish mountainside for 6 Ais project of winter. It survived reasonably well, except for a few problems What didn't go well: The sections were epoxied together but the top Ais project worked loose and collapsed inside.

I will back this up with cable ties or drill and screw sections together next time. Despite being marine ply, the support arm had delaminated and dropped out of alignment.

I'll use some blocks of solid treated timber or plastic next time that won't delaminate 3 rodent damage! Something had nibbled my LoRa coax cable!

Ais project

The copper braid was exposed and the dielectric removed where exposed at the antenna. I'll better protect with hot glue and heatshrink next time! I thought it was well sealed but there was 1cm water pooled in it at the end of the time on the hill.

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My power cable is not circular in cross section so probably wasn't very well sealed, but it was pointing down. Next time I'll use a better box and round section cable so the glands seal. I'll throw in some silica gel packets next time too.

I might even drill a hole in the bottom, shield it from driving rain and just let it drain. The electronics survived the water ingress - mainly because of the following actions: The water never rose above the level of the marine ply and the standoffs meant the underside of the PCB didn't get wet.

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The marine ply doesn't rot when wet. Despite being in a condensing environment and visible moisture, everything I sprayed was fresh as a daisy. I missed one junction block and this was quite corroded. This took a battering as it was just tied to a treestump to get a proper angle to it.

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It's Not What It Is. We ended up with 6 more cribs than we originally planned to build. The load of logs that was delivered went a lot further than I thought it would, so we added more cribs.

It was a thin-ish aluminium sheet with individual cells on it. The ali plate took a whack from something - presumably a flying branch in a gale, but just bent slightly without cracking any solar units.

Design changes for V2: I want to try just a simple 12v 2Ah gel cell, and a high-efficiency Dc-DC converter. The 12V solar panel could go via a solar charger but I think is an OK size just to connect directly to the battery via reverse blocking diode and not have any complex battery chemistry worries.

I could keep the SunnyBuddy from locking up with a watchdog circuit. I've seen some ICs dedicated to this idea with super low current draw, that the Teensy could just trigger every now and then.At AIS we manage all projects with our project managers and field foremen jointly communicating and interacting with the customer and equipment supplier representatives.

Ais project

If your project requires more intensive monitoring, we can provide a dedicated project manager to see your project . AIS has granted to MGX Minerals Inc.

(MGX) an Option to acquire an 80% interest in the Project. To secure the Option, MGX has agreed to pay US$, on or before July 31, MGX can acquire an undivided 80% in the Project at any time during the Agreement by . For electrical works, AIS Management has acquired the services of an experienced Consultant who would be providing constant feedback and support throughout the Project.

Deviations VRV System has been tentatively approved by Management and a detailed financial and technical proposal has been submitted by vendor to Management for review and feedback. Looking for the definition of AIS? Find out what is the full meaning of AIS on! 'Australian Institute of Sport' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Image Pack Each cell in your storyboard will be exported as a standalone image in a zip file. Best For: Presentations, App Smashing High Resolution Image. The fish crib project went very well thanks to all of the volunteers that helped. We ended up with 6 more cribs than we originally planned to build.

The load of logs that was delivered went a lot further than I thought it would, so we added more cribs.

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