A low cost gsm gprs based

If you are in Europe or Asia and using a mobile phone, then most probably you are using GSM technology in your mobile phone. It is a digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services.

A low cost gsm gprs based

XLOG bee is an stand alone battery powered system that offers flexibility to be installed in any place regardless of the availability of the power supply installation.

Thanks to advanced microprocessor technology applied, XLOG is consuming incredibly low power — only 26uA — while sleeping!

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of low power consuming feature, once installed, the device can be active for years, with no need for maintenance or changing the batteries. No more bringing heavy accumulators on site and recharging them later in the garage.

A low cost gsm gprs based

No special technical skill is needed. Even a beekeeper unfamiliar with modern gadgets can easily start working with it. The hive is simply placed on the XLOG bee's scale without need for any special installation. All user settings are already set to manufacturer default values. Of course, users might want to set other parameters according to their needs e.

The enclosure is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate, resistant to all weather conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight and atmospheric conditions. All connection cables are made through watertight glands.

AT Commands

All connected sensors are also waterproof at IP or IP class. The scale module XHS has low profile, thus it can be easily hidden into the hive floor.

In this period, the device will not collect data, neither send SMS's to the owner, but it will measure elapsed time. After the expiration of chosen time it will normally continue with activity under earlier settings.

In this mode, power consumption of the built-in battery is negligible small, therefore there is no need to disconnect battery, even if the device is not intended for use for a longer period of time. Built-in GSM high-performance antenna ensures strong signal reception.

Changing mobile numbers or emails to which reports or emails are being sent is allowed only with the security code authentication. Any stolen device is useless to a thief and therefore uninteresting. The system can be intelligently designed to protect apiary in 2 levels; the first level of protection outside circle could indicate an accidental human or an animal pass.

SMS or email alarm will be sent to the beekeeper, but animal will probably be immediately scared from the noise and flash light of the siren. If an intruder dares to break the second level the inner circle of protection, a SMS will be send to beekeeper again, siren will start continuously to make noise probably scaring the hungry bear.

Anyway, beekeeper will be timely informed of the unauthorized intrusion and he will be able to take the best measures according to the circumstances. Be open to contact us with your suggestions and wishes. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.Overview This is a handy, low power Raspberry Pi HAT which features multi communication functionalities: GSM, GPRS, GNSS and Bluetooth.

It allows your Pi to easily make a telephone call, send messages, connect to wireless Internet, global position, transfer data via Bluetooth, and so on. September 17, , Phoenix, USA. A major milestone was achieved this week in RAN (Plenary meeting #69) with the decision to standardize NB-IOT, a new narrowband radio technology to address the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT).The new technology will provide improved indoor coverage, support of massive number of low throughput devices, low delay sensitivity, ultra-low device cost.

GSM INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION GSM Remote Control, Monitoring, Alarming via Cell Phone. Home and industrial automation control via SMS and GPRS. .

A low cost gsm gprs based

Proxicast's all new LAN-Cell 3 Mobile 3G/4G Router offers fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective remote wireless Internet access on any 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) wireless data network worldwide..

The LAN-Cell 3 is a commercial-grade mobile 3G/4G cellular router with enterprise-class routing and security features that allows multiple PC's, laptops, . GPRS/SMS Beehive scale.

What is GSM?

XLOG bee ensures increase of honey production, time and money savings because of fewer visits to the apiary. XLOG bee also ensures increase of yield because of moving the hives to better locations. Summary introduction to Wireless LTE* 4G architecture and key business implications L-F Pau, Prof.

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